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High Tibial Osteotomy

Dr. Lingaraju A P - Consultant Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement

What is High Tibial Osteotomy?

A high tibial osteotomy is a surgical procedure that realigns the knee joint by correcting the deformity in the proximal tibia in partial knee arthritis.

When do you require high tibial osteotomy

If you are suffering from severe pain either on medial (inner) or lateral (outer) side of your knee limiting your activities you might be suffering from partial knee arthritis (one compartment). When the severe arthritis is limited to one compartment, high tibial osteotomy is also a good option

What are the knee compartments?

Your knee joint is divided into three compartments, medial compartment (the inside part of the knee), lateral compartment (the outside part) and patellofemoral compartment (the front of the knee between the kneecap and thighbone)

What are the advantages of hgh tibial osteotomy surgery?

This surgery can delay or prevent the need for a partial or total knee replacement by preserving damaged joint tissue. There are no restrictions on physical activities. You can resume all normal activities

How the high tibial osteotomy surgery helps you?

 By shifting the body weight from the damaged side of the joint to the normal side, an osteotomy can relieve pain and significantly improve function in an arthritic knee

How the high tibial osteotmy surgery done?

During this procedure, a wedge of bone is removed from the outside of the tibia and wedge closed and fixed with a special plate and screws. This will straightens the leg and recreates the normal weight-bearing knee axis.

When you can’t undergo high tibial osteotomy surgery?

If you have severe both compartment arthritis, significant knee stiffness, ligament damage and morbidly obese.

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