Many businesses start and fail in the tenure of five to ten years due to many reasons and according to the statistics, ninety percent of the business fails. So why do these businesses fail? Lack of a proper management system causes business failure. By reading the above sentence you may have got a question in your mind that how to create a good management system? You can build a proper management system in your organization by applying the ISO standards in your organization. So according to the title, the article will explain to you the importance of ISO Certification for a Company in brief.

What is ISO?

ISO can be called as International Organization for Standardization which is a non-governmental organization that is not connected with any of the governments in the world. The ISO organization creates standards and gives guidelines to the standard and these guidelines should be followed by the organization to achieve the certification.

Does the ISO certification help your organization to become globally recognizable?

As itself, the International Organization for Standardization(ISO) is globally recognizable and creates and provides standards for the organization. The ISO standards are the standards are based on the issues that are faced in the organization and are preferred in the world. Hence the ISO certification can make your organization globally recognizable if you are certified with the certification. If you want to certify with the ISO certification then you would have to follow the guidelines of the International Organization for Standardization. The people trust on the ISO standards and hence also trusts the companies and organization that are certified with the ISO Certification.

Is certifying with ISO can increase Customer Satisfaction?

Following the guidelines of the ISO standards make your products compatible and the products have a long life. And if the products are working properly for longer then the customer can like the products or services given by an organization. The ISO standards have strict guidelines and it mainly focuses on increasing the quality of the products.

Does the ISO certification help to increase revenue?

The certifications can be a good investment for organizations and businesses as it has strict guidelines to produce quality products. If the organization follows the guidelines and produces compatible and quality products then the sales of the organization increase. Product sales can increase the revenue of the organization. Hence, the ISO certification can indirectly help organizations to increase revenue.


The article describes the importance of ISO certification. The ISO certification indirectly helps an organization to improve its productivity and increase sales.

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