If you have established a business or a startup, then you should know about the audit as the audits are conducted in various kinds of organizations for different purposes. Audits are undertaken mainly to analyze the performance of the organization. The ISO certification bodies inspect the various organizations to certify with the ISO Certification in India.

The Management Authority of the organization should have basic knowledge about the audits and their types as it helps them to certify with the various benchmark such as ISO Certification, FDA, and many more.  So here we will discuss the Types of Quality Audits in detail.

What is mean by audit?

An audit can be said as an inspection. It is a systematic and independent process that follows certain documentation to meet the objectives. The audit evidence is obtained by conducting the audit.

Different Types of Quality Audits:-

The Audits are broadly categorized into three, and that is:-

Process Audit:-

In this audit, the verification of the process is conducted and checked it meets an established limit or not. It is also used to examine the resources such as equipment, materials applied to transform the inputs and outputs. The adequacy and effectiveness of the process are being checked in this audit. The control of the processes is also analyzed in this kind of audit.

Product Audit:-

In this audit, the products or services are examined. The conformity of the requirement is also checked, evaluated, and ensured.

System Audit:-

These audits are conducted on the management system. In this, the elements of the system are examined. It has its subtypes such as  First Party, Second Party, and Third Party. The first party audit can be called the internal audit, which is done by the organization itself, or it hires an organization for the internal audit. The certification bodies mostly do the Third-party audit type of system audit.

Dock Audit:-

It is a product audit only, and this audit can be a last-chance audit used to ensure that the customer-specific requirements are met. Sometimes it is also used to verify corrective action effectiveness and even short-term containment plan. It is an extension of Product Audit.

Layout Audit:-

Layout audit is a complete measurement of all parts of the dimensions shown on the design record.

Layered Audit:-

In this kind of audit, various levels of management are examined in the system.

The Audits are mainly named for the purpose of the audit and can be called an internal audit or external audit.


The article explains the various types of Quality audits which are conducted in the industries. Most of the audits are conducted by the certification bodies, such as FDA and ISO. To get the ISO Certification Service, the organizations have to go through various audits and it may be one of the above. The organization must be prepared for the audits in order to get certified with the certain benchmark they applying for.

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