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Partial Knee Replacement

Dr. Lingaraju A P - Consultant Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement

What is Unicondylar (Partial) Knee Replacement Surgery?

Partial Knee Replacement is also known as Unicondylar Knee Replacement Surgery.

Is a surgical procedure involving replacing only one damaged compartment of the knee either medial or lateral knee compartment. In total knee replacement all the three compartments of the knee joint are replaced.

What are the knee compartments?

Your knee joint is divided into three compartments, medial compartment (the inside part of the knee), lateral compartment (the outside part) and patellofemoral compartment (the front of the knee between the kneecap and thighbone)

Partial Knee Replacement
When do you require unicondylar (partial) knee replacement surgery?
If you are suffering from severe pain either on medial (inner) or lateral (outer) side of your knee limiting your activities you might be suffering from partial knee arthritis (one compartment). When severe arthritis is limited to one compartment, unicompartmental (partial) knee replacement is a good option
What are the advantages of unicondylar (partial) knee replacement surgery?
Advantages are quick recovery, minimal blood loss and very minimal pain after surgery. The other compartment healthy cartilage and bone, as well as all of the knee ligaments are preserved. Functions almost like your normal knee.
How safe is unicondylar (partial) knee replacement surgery?
Unicondylar (partial) knee replacement surgery is a safe and effective solution for single compartment arthritis. It’s not a complicated surgery. This will reduce the pain and increases quality of life. 98% satisfaction rate.You can return to normal life style after the surgery.
Any age limit to undergo unicondylar (partial) knee replacement surgery?
No age bar to undergo this surgery. Your physical fitness and medical conditions are important.
How the unicondylar (partial) knee replacement surgery done?
During unicompartmental (partial) knee replacement, the surgeon removes the damaged cartilage and part of the bone from one compartment. The removed cartilage and bone is replaced with metal coverings that recreate the surface of the joint. An ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene insert is inserted between the metal components to create a smooth gliding surface. Now your knee joint moves in a normal way.
When you can’t undergo unicondylar (partial) knee replacement surgery?
If you have severe both compartment arthritis, significant knee stiffness, ligament damage and morbidly obese. For Best Advice and Consultation reach out to Doctor for Orthopedics in Jayanagar

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